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  1. The talk of Fixture Congestion in English football, most notably in the Premier League, has led to discussions about how the issue could resolve. This has seen the Winter Break come in to play for the first time this season as it’s been used for many seasons in other European leagues. It has also been spoken about that FA Cup Replays should be scrapped as well as the League Cup competition all together. But now, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin has had his say by claiming it would be better for everyone if the English FA scrapped the League Cup. France have already agreed to scrapping th
  2. We all know all about the magic of the FA Cup. The fact that you could have a Non-League team come face to face with one of the Premier League Big Boys. A David and Goliath situation. Giant killings have been a theme of the tournament and it’s what makes it so special to each fan. But recently, there has been talks of scrapping replays within the Cup. It’s fair to say that the talks have receive both negative and positive feedback. But should the Cup really abandon replays? Those who have wish for the Cup to abolish replays have come up with some suggestions to adapt the Cup into life wit
  3. The Premier League introduced VAR for the first time this season but it hasn’t been without controversy. During its debut season, it’s received a lot of negative feedback, there has been social media takes on VAR which has prompted groups to form against the technology and use #VAROUT. Football Law Makers have already stated that the use of VAR within the Premier League is not being used correctly and should only be used for clear and obvious decisions, not the nit picking offside decisions we have seen that has caused most of the outrage to form against. When you look at some of the deci
  4. Over the years, Football fans have been divided in opinion whether it be the teams they choose to support or the English midfielder debate of Lampard v Gerrard. Players have often been compared to others that have never played at the same time together and often compared in both prime times. But one rivalry that has got fans debating for the past 10+ years has been that of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. It has been an age old battle between 2 of European Footballs greatest ever players. The real question though shouldn't be who's better but should we appreciate these 2 great footballers r
  5. Here at Football Manics, in our own opinions we are analysing the Top 5 Players from the Premier League. Here is a list, in no particular order, of the players I personally believe to be the best in each league with explanations of why I have chosen these players to be included in the list. There will also be an additional list of players who may have gone under the radar and deserve notable mentions. The Premier League, arguably the best league in the world. Top 5 Eden Hazard - Footwork that could mesmorise and terrorise any defence. The only way that defenders manage to s
  6. On the 12th of February 2019, the footballing world was shocked and devastated to hear about the passing of England's World Cup winning goalkeeper Gordon Banks. Here at Football Manics, we would like to take a moment and pay tribute to a legendary goalkeeper. Gordon Banks is proclaimed as England's greatest ever goalkeeper, not only because he is the only goalkeeper in England's history to win a World Cup, but because he was an outstanding goalkeeper in every aspect. Who could ever forget that save against Pele during the 1970 World Cup. The ability and athleticism to get down low an
  7. FIFA's alleged new proposal of a new 'European Super League' which is reported to be set up by 2021 has sparked much controversy within the football community. Fans have expressed their concerns with most suggesting it could be the end of football as we know it. But what is the European Super League and will it succeed or fail? The hypothetical new European Super League would consist of 16 teams split into 4 groups of 4 teams with the top 2 teams from each group advancing to the knockout stages. This would likely replace the current UEFA Champions League but unlike the Cham
  8. A total of 92 teams compete in England's top four tiers of professional football, 20 of which contest in the top flight also known as the Premier League. Below the Premier League are 72 teams who compete in the English Football League (EFL) which is made up of 3 Divisions, The Championship, League One and League Two. But is there a divide between these divisions when it comes to class, publicity and investment? The Premier League is arguably the best league in the world, attracting millions of audiences worldwide. Billionaire investors have become interested in buying clubs
  9. Earlier this week, Shahid Khan withdrew his offer of £600m to purchase Wembley due to the lack of support from council members of the FA. It was stated that had the deal gone through, the money made from the sale would be used to support grassroots football. Following the collapse of the deal, news media and footballing officials have all been asking the question, what does this mean for grassroots football? Grassroots football has for years been asking for a much-needed boost in investment from the FA to help for better facilities amongst many other things. There has always bee
  10. UEFA decided that in 2018 their would be a new competition launched as the UEFA Nations League where teams would be split into 4 separate leagues. A, B, C and D. Based on World Rankings. Then split further down into groups of 3 teams per group, with some groups having 4 teams in the mix. After playing each team twice, teams will then be promoted or relegated from their leagues. The competition is well and truly underway with a couple of games already been played. Many are still to be convinced. Every even numbered year, the matches will be played from September to November. Which would be
  11. Football, a game made for the working class. A game we all refer to as 'The Beautiful Game' but is it still the beautiful game we all grew up to know and love? Different generations have different opinions on how football is and how football was when they were growing up. In recent times, we have seen fans protest many things from ticket prices to ownerships of clubs. There has been a rise in fans stating that they are Against Modern Football, many have directed it due to the money being pumped into the game and changing the game from what was once a game for the working class to a game made f
  12. Football in recent times has become more of a business rather than a sport with more and more billionaires coming in to invest into clubs. But it hasn't been without controversy. In the past we have seen mass protests at clubs with some fans refusing to turn up at games and disrupting matches while they are being played. Blackpool, Coventry City, Blackburn Rovers, West Ham and most recently Charlton Athletic have all staged protests in anger to how the club is being run. MK Dons owner Pete Winkleman bought out a debt ridden Wimbledon in the early 2000s moving them from London which f
  13. Since Jose Mourinho arrived on the scene at Porto, many people were full of praise. More so when he joined the likes of Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid where he achieved success wherever he went. But has the Mourinho that everyone wanted to be the manager of their club disappeared? Has the Special One lost his touch? Just 3 games into the new Premier League season, Manchester United look far from convincing challengers. They have at times looked mediocre under Mourinho. Last season, they finished second behind city rivals Manchester City, by a margin of 19 points. Mourinho has earned
  14. The Premier League is arguably the greatest league in the world but rather than homegrown players making an impact, it's foreign imports lighting up the league. Since the formation of the Premier League in 1992, we have seen the National team go from mediocre to really average. Teams that have had great success Nationally have seen their National players thrive in their respective leagues. Should the FA be doing more to address the situation of boosting home grown talent? On Boxing Day 1999, Chelsea manager Gianluca Vialli fielded the first non-British starting 11 against Southampton. Thi
  15. England have had some great players appear for the National Team over the years. 1966 World Cup Winning Goalkeeper Gordon Banks, record goalscorer Wayne Rooney amongst others like Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen, Alan Shearer, David Seaman, Paul Scholes. We can even include the class of 2018 in this category who reached the Semi-Finals of the 2018 World Cup. But What is England’s Greatest 11? Here is my take on the greatest 11 to ever appear for England. Goalkeeper - Peter Shilton, England’s record appearance holder with 125 caps. He was the man in goal that conceded Maradonas
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