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    I used to male fractals on my old PC. They were really cool! I'd do it mainly in DOS as the program was very old. Anyone ever done this?
  2. Honestly, I don't even celebrate Christmas since I'm an Atheist. Not to mention the true meaning of it all seems to have been replaced with a reason to spend millions on spoiled kids and to get drunk or so full you can't move, while others are starving.
  3. zoldos

    Snacktime or no?

    The last "live event" I went to was a WWE house show. We were broke so could only afford a single lemonade and tried to make it last the whole night. lol
  4. zoldos

    Traffic Pet Peeves

    hehehehe Yup. I always laugh when people speed past me then get stuck at a a red light!
  5. zoldos

    Traffic Pet Peeves

    hahahaha! Yeah I hate that too. As if their destination is so important that they get there THAT much faster! bah. lol
  6. zoldos

    Traffic Pet Peeves

    My biggest pet peeve is being tailgated. I fucking hate that!! I'll even start slowing down just to piss the person off. One time tho, I was traveling the speed limit and the tailgater had the nerve to start making hand gestures at me as if I need to "move over" so she can pass. I always went ballistic!!! lol
  7. zoldos

    Titanfall 2

    I got this a few weeks ago. It's awesome! Much better than the first one. Wicked graphics and good multiplayer. The single player seems cool too! Definitely work a look for any FPS fan!
  8. zoldos

    Icky cold season!

    Agreed. We take a regime of vitamins tho, which seem to help!
  9. I'd say the 24" LED "gaming" monitor my g/f let me buy. It's sweet!!
  10. zoldos

    What was your first time on the internet?

    I first got broadband in 2003. 1.5 meg. It was awesome!!! Recently I had 60 meg @ $80 a month. We lowered it to 20 meg @ $60 a month. They are soon rolling out 1 gigabit!!
  11. zoldos

    Joe Theisman breaking leg

    hehehehe Yes it was brutal!!! Poor guy!!
  12. zoldos

    gaming PC or console?

    It's $129 but I got a deal for $26 a month. Here check it out: https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Fire-TV-Gaming-Edition-Streaming-Media-Player/dp/B00XNQECFM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1481056116&sr=8-1&keywords=amazon+fire+tv++gaming
  13. zoldos

    gaming PC or console?

    With my disability back time around 2012 I upgraded my PC. 8 core CPU @ 4.15 gigahertz, 16GB "Gamer Series" RAM, etc. I'd like to get an SSD, but to get one that matches the size of my existing HDD would be about $600. When the price drops and the technology gets more mature/stable, then sure!! Anyway, it's one hell of a gaming rig. I popped in an Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 one year ago to complete the upgrade!!
  14. zoldos

    What was your first time on the internet?

    haha What speed? I almost got 650kbps cable in like 1999 or so. That would have been unbelievably fast, but was a tad more than I afford so I decided not to. In 2003 I got 1.5mbps DSL.
  15. zoldos

    TV Show "Lucifer"

    hehe I have two 4 hour VHS tapes full of crazy shit my best friend and I did in the early 90's. I captured it to the PC and then made DVDs with a menu and chapters. I sent him a copy. Now it's preserved for all time!
  16. zoldos

    Twitter is killing off Vine

    hehehehehehe I guess that's his "gimmick".
  17. zoldos

    Twitter is killing off Vine

    Cool, right on. What kind of comedy is it? Like political, world, etc.?
  18. zoldos

    TV Show "Lucifer"

    hahaha I used to tape all kinds of shit on VHS. My brother and I managed to record almost the entire Star Trek TNG, DS9, and Voyager shows on tape. lol The tapes are in a box that weighs like 20 pounds. Still have them somewhere. The entire 3 shows now fit on a single half-shelf on blu-ray.
  19. zoldos

    Twitter is killing off Vine

    hehehe Cool. What comedian was it again? I like Steven Wright and newer ones like Dane Cook.
  20. zoldos

    TV Show "Lucifer"

    We have a "cloud" DVR that stores our shows for 28 days. We have Playstation Vue. Very cool!!
  21. zoldos

    Icky cold season!

    My g/f and I are doing great. We hardly ever go out. lol Plus I got my "quad" flu shot a few weeks ago.
  22. zoldos

    Share your pets

    Anyone else?
  23. zoldos

    top 3 fav PC games ever?

    Nice. My site is back BTW. Finally fixed it and got MyBB going again. hehhehe
  24. zoldos

    top 3 fav PC games ever?

    What are your top 3 favorite PC games of all time? I loved the futuristic racing game POD, and played it endlessly during the late 90's. It was actually one of the first games made for Windows 95! I also greatly enjoyed the original Simcity, to which I gave part of my soul, and Death Track, the original combat racer!!

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