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    To apply to this role, please ensure you've signed up to Football Manics and have an account - registering as a member is free. Along with articles and social media posts, Football Manics strives to be a community, with fans of all different teams coming together to engage in conversation about football and whatever else comes to mind. The centrepiece of this community is our forum, where discussions are created and people can chat about anything that takes their fancy, though football is obviously the main topic and the binding glue that brings everyone together. Football Manics is on the lookout for a number of moderators who will make the forum their number one priority. Tasks include but are not limited to: - Helping recruit and retain new members - Create and promote discussions - Police the forum and site, ie keep discussions and comment sections free of spam and abusive/offensive/trolling content - Take charge of the section which corresponds to the team/league you support/follow If you love engaging in football conversation and fancy yourself to be the lynchpin of the Football Manics forum, simply apply on here and explain why you feel you would be suited to the role!
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    To apply to this role, please ensure you've signed up to Football Manics and have an account - registering as a member is free. In the world of football fandom exists the fan whose knowledge of statistics and trivia is nothing short of baffling. You know the kind... those whose passion for the game is so strong that they will take in every bit of data they can find. Those who will win you the pub quiz by correctly answering who bagged the winner in the 1980 League Cup final. If you see yourself as a lover of football statistics and trivia, then Football Manics would like your help! We at Football Manics are eager to cater to the past of football as well as the present, and are eager for people to come on board to help source stats and facts, which we can then use to turn into social media posts and articles. If you enjoy gathering football knowledge and fancy using us as a platform with which to educate the online football community, just send us an application form explaining why you feel you would be suited for the role.
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    To apply to this role, please ensure you've signed up to Football Manics and have an account - registering as a member is free. From the largest media conglomerate to the smallest blog, the importance of perfect spelling, punctuation and grammar cannot be overstated when it comes to publishing written content online. At Football Manics we seek to ensure all our articles are not only perfectly written, but also conform to our house style to ensure the best reading experience for our followers. If you are a stickler for grammar and would like to boost your CV when it comes to going for that first job in journalism, Football Manics are currently looking for volunteer sub-editors to assist our editor. As a sub-editor you would assist the editor in going through content and articles written by our news and feature writers, and fine-tune them so they are perfect for publication. Along with the typical proofreading checks - spelling, punctuation and grammar - you will also need to have a thorough knowledge of football terminology and the ability to "see the bigger picture" when it comes to making necessary adjustments so that the article is perfect for a football audience and fits in with the Football Manics style. If you are interested in volunteering to be a sub-editor for Football Manics, just get in touch via the application form and let us know why you feel this role is suited to you.
  4. Places: 6

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    To apply to this role, please ensure you've signed up to Football Manics and have an account - registering as a member is free. For those who enjoy a more in-depth analysis of the football world, Football Manics is eager to bring on board feature writers. What is a feature article? Essentially, it takes a particular news story and builds on it, both with analysis and with opinion, for a comprehensive, informative final product. For example, if the news story is "Philippe Coutinho signs for Barcelona", examples of feature articles could be "Why Coutinho will elevate Barca to the next level" or "Who Liverpool should look to replace Coutinho". However, the scope for creative licence is virtually endless - if you have strong opinions on a particular football aspect (team, league, etc), the knowledge to back up your argument, and are able to contribute at least two pieces per week, we want to hear from you! Get in touch by signing up to Football Manics as mentioned above, send us your application and include two examples of a football feature/opinion piece written by yourself, each ideally between 250 and 1000 words long.
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    To apply to this role, please ensure you've signed up to Football Manics and have an account - registering as a member is free. In today's digital world, visually striking images are key to making the biggest impact and attracting the most people, likes, retweets and so on. We at Football Manics are eager for an aspiring graphic designer to come on board and create impressive images which will then go out on our social media pages. From listing football fixtures and results in an eye-catching way to creating striking wallpapers, there will be plenty of means for you to get plenty of practice and learn from us to develop graphic design skills that will immensely boost your CV. If you are familiar with Photoshop, then we want to hear from you - send your application with two graphics of your own doing and we will get back to you!
  6. Places: 6

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    To apply to this role, please ensure you've signed up to Football Manics and have an account - registering as a member is free. The bread and butter of every football website, news stories keep readers updated on the latest happenings in the world of football. A virtually endless list, football news can cover things like player transfers, contract renewals, injury updates, manager or coach appointments or sackings, takeover talks, pre-match quotes, post-match reactions, and so on. We at Football Manics want each and every key development in football to be covered for the benefit of our readers and followers, so we are on the lookout for writers who are willing to contribute news stories to us. Our ideal news writer will be up to date with all the latest happenings in the world of football and will have a passion for taking information and turning it into an informative article for the benefit of the online football community. We are looking for the following areas to be covered, and ideally we would like a writer to dedicate himself primarily - though not exclusively - to one of these: - Premier League - Football League - Scottish Leagues - European Leagues - International / World - Non-league At Football Manics, we pride ourselves on a neat, informative, impartial style free from any personal opinion, bias or hyperbole - the best examples of such football news are BBC Sport and Sky Sports News, so we would like our news writers to familiarise themselves with said style. If you fit the above criteria, fancy boosting your writing portfolio - or getting your foot up on that first rung of the career ladder - and feel you could contribute around 3-4 news articles throughout the course of the day, then we would love to hear from you! To register your interest please send your application with a cover letter on why you would like to contribute news articles to FM and also please send us 3 examples of a news story written by you, each between 200 and 300 words long.
  7. Graham Taylor has passed away today - can't believe it. To have such a prominent figure in the game, someone who's contributed to much to English football over the decades, and find out all of a sudden that they've passed away is a massive shock. Plenty of tributes are being paid to Taylor, and rightly so, with players, fellow managers and reporters, to a man, agreeing he was a genuine, knowledgeable and humorous bloke and a football man to the bone. Just a huge shame that the press in this country were so horrible to him - but then again, this is no surprise, that's just how they roll. What matters is he is being remembered for the star guy he was. RIP Graham Taylor.
  8. Joe Jones

    Favourite footballers (past/present)

    Present: Gianluigi Buffon, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Andrea Pirlo, Xavi, Eden Hazard, Luis Suarez, Alexis Sanchez, Vincent Kompany, Stevie G, Frankie L Past: The whole Italy 2006 World Cup winning squad, Jay Jay Okocha, Lee Trundle, Luis Figo, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, David Seaman, Peter Schmeichel, Paul Scholes... to name but a few. Reasons: Let's say Gianluigi Buffon, who's technically featured in both lists. Pretty much one of the greatest, most decorated goalkeepers of all time, has shown his loyalty to Juve by staying with them when they were relegated due to match-fixing claims in 2006, and unlike some other great goalkeepers still active since the turn of the century (thinking Iker Casillas and Victor Valdes), is still at the top of his game and in one of the biggest teams in the world (although that says more about Juve's integrity compared to Real and Barca/Man Utd). David Seaman - Deserves to be up there with Banks and Shilton as England's top three goalkeepers of all time. Sure, he made a couple of blunders towards his later years (every goalkeeper has done), but he was Arsenal's undisputed number one, as well as England's, for as long as he was in his prime. I remember watching the save he made against Sheffield United in 2003 as it unfolded on live tv and I was just gobsmacked. Incredible stop that was.
  9. Hey folks, We at Football Manics just want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! Thank you all for being part of FM, we wouldn't be anything without all our fans and our hard-working writers, graphic designers and everyone else who has helped the site and community grow over the last 12 months! 2017 is going to bring big things, but in the meantime, enjoy the holidays! All the best, CJ and JJ
  10. Joe Jones

    Manchester United in trouble?

    Man United really seem in disarray at the minute. Jose Mourinho is proving the Special Once rather than the Special One. Compare the disruption and polarising things he's said and done to the quiet and efficient work that Antonio Conte has done at Chelsea and it's a chasm in terms of attitude. But they need to be patient - give until this time next year. If this season they finish outside the top 4 and next season continue to be poor, then maybe he should be dismissed.
  11. Joe Jones

    Do you like to gamble?

    I don't gamble much as I have somewhat of an addictive personality (my 20-a-day cigarette habit is testament to that!), but every so often I'll have a go on the football. I've won a couple of pounds here and there but not for a long time (the last bet I won was actually for Britain to leave the EU, a bet I did not actually want to win!).
  12. Probably people's waistlines! "Let it go, let it go! You can't fit those jeans no more! Let it go, let it go, accept you're fat until month four!"* (* As in April... had to make it rhyme somehow)
  13. Probably Snatch with Brad Pitt and Jason Statham, a thrilling ride from start to finish. Does Kung Fury count as a film? Seen that about 5-6 times already.
  14. Joe Jones

    Who will win La Liga this season?

    La Liga, home of arguably the two greatest, most famous club sides in the world, Real Madrid and Barcelona, plus a third that is quickly also becoming a force in Spanish and European football, Atletico Madrid. The league is perceived as a closed shop - in the last 30 years, there have been only 5 seasons where either Real and Barca did not win the title (Atletico x2, Valencia x2, and Deportivo La Coruna). With Barca boasting arguably the most potent attacking trident in world football (Messi, Suarez and Neymar) and Real Madrid with Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale, can anyone other than these two win the title?
  15. When it comes to the international football break, many fans of bigger teams find it a major nuisance as the action switches from supporting their club side to having to get behind their country slogging it out against unfashionable yet tricky national teams in the qualifiers or, worse still, playing friendlies that mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. Do you enjoy the international break or do you see it as a necessary yet very annoying evil?

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