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  1. Agreed. They might save a couple minutes on their drive every once in a while but they are going to eventually get in a wreck that will take up alot more of their time dealing with the other person, the police, insurance companies, and repairmen.
  2. I'm up to about episode 10. Part of me just wants to quit watching it but it is an interesting concept. Since it's already been on the air a couple years, I'm figuring it will get better...I hope!!
  3. LOL. I've only had that happen once on the highway where someone made hand gestures to get me to move over. I usually go a little over the speed limit and never stay in the passing lane just for the heck of it. I'm very courteous and will get over for a faster moving car. With that said, the one time it happened, I wasn't very courteous. I was moving along at a decent speed and some crazy woman came up from behind me. Plenty of traffic ahead of me and no real space to get over except for between two semis. She started giving me the finger and waving for me to move over. That is when I slowed down to go the speed of the trailing semi. After a while, I sped up a little, she zoomed in the other lane to pass me. I sped up a little more and got side-by-side with the next semi before she could pass me. Of course she whips behind me again and starts to do her little dance. Couple more minutes of this next to the semi. As my exit approaches, I sped up, passed the semi, and got over to get on the exit. Of course, this was her exit too. She speeds way up and cuts off the semi, barely making the exit. He laid on his horn at the crazy lady. First light we came to was the grocery store. I was going straight and her turning lane had an arrow that had just gone off. She turned in front of oncoming traffic and a couple other drivers honked at her. There was a short time during the drive that I felt a little guilty because I thought it may have been an emergency, especially how she was acting. Nope, she was just a reckless jerk who felt her time was more important than anyone else's. She needed her groceries and we were all slowing her down.
  4. It's a show set about 150 years into the future. The premise is that the world had a nuclear war and Earth was uninhabitable. Everyone was living on a space station (looks like several 1000). Some of the life support is starting to malfunction, so they have to kill off people to allow others to live longer. Instead of killing off these 100 kids that were in their prison for simple crimes, they sent them to Earth to see if they would survive. At this early point, the kids are acting out and the space station has no communication with them. It's kind of a cheesy show so far but I've always been a sci-fi fan. It's going the normal route for one of these "stranded" storylines. Their environment is tough to live in, there are natives that are menacing, and the kids are rebels who are discovering themselves as they overcome the odds.
  5. Anyone else watching this show? I just started watching the pilot episode tonight. It looks like an interesting concept but kind of low budget at first. Wondering if it evolves into a solid show? I'll probably give it a few more episodes to see if it can build on the pilot.
  6. Agreed. It was troubling to watch the speech. It was supposed to be a lifetime achievement award but turned into a political soapbox for Meryl Streep. Made me very uncomfortable. As you said, a time and place for everything. This definitely wasn't the time or place. She basically embarrassed herself and the show.
  7. Did you watch it tonight? What did you think? Meryl Streep set off a firestorm of discussion after her politically driven speech tonight. I'm sure there were other highlights but that is the one that most are going to remember. Not sure why she took a shot at people who enjoy watching sports but that was her prerogative.
  8. What are some things that drives you crazy when you are driving your car? My biggest pet peeve is the person that is driving slowly in front of you. You are catching up to them quickly and will easily pass. But just ahead, the road narrows down to one lane so this guy/gal decides they want to be in the front, so they step on the gas. After it narrows to the one lane, they slow down again. Why does anyone do that? Do they enjoy having someone on their bumper? There is one spot close to my house where this happens all the time. It's a 55MPH zone and most cars for some reason drive about 50MPH. I drive a little faster, usually about 60MPH. Sometimes we'll get up to 75MPH just racing for no real reason. Nothing more annoying than having to sit behind someone at 50MPH because they sped up so much only to slow down again.
  9. So who do you like in the NFL playoffs? Wildcard games: AFC: #6 Miami Dolphins @ #3 Pittsburgh Steelers (1/8) 1:05PM AFC: #5 Oakland Raiders @ #4 Houston Texans (1/7) 4:30PM NFC: #6 Detroit Lions @ #3 Seattle Seahawks (1/7) 8:15PM NFC: #5 New York Giants @ #4 Green Bay Packers (1/8) 4:40PM New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs got the byes in the AFC and Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons the byes in the NFC.
  10. That's kind of my problem too. I really don't need anything except the big stuff (ie bigger house, more dependable car), so when people ask me what I want, I just shrug my shoulders. Of course, throughout the year, there are many things that I need far various projects. When I need them, I usually get them or save up for them. I guess I'm one of those "tough to shop for" people.
  11. Another new astronomical season as it turned to Winter a week ago. Weather has been a little strange. We've had some snow, raind and even a day or two of mild temperatures in the mid 50s. The only big negative is that not all the leaves fell before the first batch of snow. This means that they will likely be on the ground until we get to a week in the spring of nice warm, dry temperatures.
  12. For those that celebrate Christmas, what was your favorite Christmas present this year?
  13. Still holding out. Hoping that this winter will be that magical winter of avoiding getting sick. Probably won't be so lucky but one can always hope.
  14. I agree. Everything seems to be made for smart phones anymore. I'm still a desktop guy who has all the gadgets too. But I spend most of my online time still sitting at the computer. The only real problem is the advertisements. I swear, I think these website developers are doing everything they can to get rid of the desktop. Go to a site on the smartphone, it's easy to read and access. Get on a desktop, they want to throw a 1000 ads at you all on one page.
  15. In 1996, it was 1-1.5 mbps (from this article). It was so much faster than anywhere else at the time, at least that I was aware of. It was $45 per month, which alot of people thought was too expensive as they were used to AOL at $20. Since I was working on the internet, that extra speed gave me a big advantage and was the reason that I moved to this community.

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