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  1. Not the best result for you guys, especially with it being a home game but I am sure you'll put it right. I really like the lighting on the pictures, I added this to the Insta feed yesterday and then placed a filter onto the photo - it looked amazing! Thanks for sharing mate.
  2. Brilliant blog mate! Did you manage to grab any signatures? I should try to find time to attend a couple of games like this, just never know when I am actually free. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Wow, I thought Chesterfield would be more in this game! Watch it effect us on the weekend (Notts plays Chesterfield). Two teams who have been spanked, should be fun! Great blog mate.
  4. Good result for Rotherham United considering how well Lincoln City did last season, I thought they would have been a real test for you guys but my accounts/reports I've read it seems you did well to control the game.
  5. As always a cracking blog mate, how do you think things are going signing wise? Are you happy? There's a lot of unhappy Notts fans as we are quite slow and our owner has said we'll only sign 3 more players which would be a very small squad. Nice pictures too. See you in the new season!
  6. I'm looking forward to Parma's rise to the Serie A, though things are hotting up the league. There's a lot of quality being linked with moves, although Juventus need to replace Dani Alves wisely. Hopefully I can catch the highlight show a bit more, is it on channel 5 these days @TheFostarr94?
  7. One less big club to hinder my own teams chance of success in the new season, I feel for Exeter but Blackpool are better out of League Two. Good blog mate!
  8. CJ

    Favourite footballers?

    It's funny you should ask. I've just finished writing about my top 10! So that's a little weird and funny timing. My all time favourite player was Dennis Bergkamp - he was just pure class. I used to love watching Match of the Day just to see him and others of course. Yet these days, the bigger players don't really shine like they did in the late 90's. People like Bergkamp, Zola, Ginola etc would turn a game in a second and make something out of nothing. TBH, I find it hard to watch Match of the Day these days because we miss 'em badly (or at least I do).
  9. I'll tell @super_ram over the phone later about this and ask him to pay your blog a visit, yet of course we would like you to continue. We have some big things planned, so hopefully you'll see the end result help in this department. Also, the draw seems a fair result. Hopefully you guys can regroup and push back on in League One next season. You should be able to improve enough to challenge for automatic promotion IMO. Great pictures as always mate.
  10. Not sure if Barnsley excelled or if Brentford disappointed? After they thrashed Derby, *cough *cough @super_ram I thought they'd do well here. Another great blog mate. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Chesterfield is a grand away day, I enjoyed my visit to the stadium. Unlike some modern builds this keeps the atmosphere in, a bit like your ground @BradtheMiller (though the New York stadium far more superior). It sounds like the tactics changed allowed Oldham to keep some shape, as Chesterfield should have made the use of the advantage. Good read mate + excellent pictures!
  12. CJ

    RIP Graham Taylor

    A true manager of the English game, Rest in Peace Graham Taylor.
  13. CJ

    "The 100" TV Show

    What is it @MBSky? Not heard of it before. I wished they would remake 'Twlight Zone', there's not enough good shows out there.
  14. CJ

    Golden Globes

    No, though I have heard about it (the Meryl Streep incident) on the radio. Very bizarre that someone would want to mix such an important moment by making a political (and pointless) speech. I mean, there's a time and a place but I honestly think it was either done for the storm that would then pursue or because she was incredibly silly (perhaps out of worry). Then again, you never know if she was put up to doing it in order to make it more exciting - award shows are about back patting your friends or their friends. Really pointless to be honest as very rarely do people deserve the awards.
  15. The top half looks very interesting, as suspects its reverted back to the same old process but Liverpool are still hanging there. Tottenham have really slipped up this season, though they're in better health than United despite sharing the same amount of points. If Liverpool and Arsenal hadn't stumbled at times, they would be much closer to Chelsea (whom look the strongest currently). The belief they have amongst their squad is really shinning now and they are managing to do what all other 5 clubs are failing to achieve. Stability and consistency has really arrived at Stamford Bridge in the form of Conte. Realistically, all the way up to 10th is still a relegation candidate - despite two places seeming confirmed even at this point, you simply never know. Stoke City, Burnley and West Ham have managed to create some distant but they're still in the mix. All it takes is a relapse and they could be back in there. This is why all the three bottom clubs should consider themselves lucky, as it's not written in concrete yet and Sunderland/Hull City could turn things around if they could pull off a few good results. I worry mostly for Watford and Leicester City who are now firmly on a downer. Don't be surprised if these two don't stumble closer to those who fans have already written off as clubs who will be enjoying life in the Championship next season.

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