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  1. Hey all, We have been contacted by EA Sports, the company behind the FIFA games, and they have asked us to ask you if you can contribute your football knowledge to help FIFA 17, and potentially future FIFA games, have the most accurate club squads to date. EA Sports run FIFA Talent Scout, a community of football experts from around the world who help maintain their online database, which forms the basis of weekly updates to FIFA 17. They are currently looking for fans with a huge appetite for football, a keen interest in data, and a high attention to detail.to join the community and help fine-tune in-game content. To apply, visit http://fifa-talentscout.ea.com/. Applicants answer a series of questions to help judge their football knowledge, and the most knowledgeable will be accepted into the EA community to help review the data for FIFA 17. EA Sports also have a Twitter profile which is constantly updated with tweets when they need new reviewers for certain clubs - this is at https://twitter.com/FIFATALENTSCOUT. If this is something you fancy doing, just apply to the FIFA Talent Scout URL or visit the Twitter page. You could then say you have worked on and helped fine-tune FIFA 17 and future FIFA games!
  2. Now moving onto League Two, after discussing L1 here. Which team do you feel will win the championship title of League Two during this term? Who do you fancy to follow them up into League one? Which sides stand out the most for you in terms of promotion contenders? Also, which two teams do you feel will exit the Football League after this campaign? Have your say, discuss and let FM know!!
  3. As per the Championship discussion, FM now moves onto life within League One. Which team do you fancy for gaining promotion as League One's title winners? Do you feel any side will run away with the division? Also, which three teams do you feel will join the champions and claim promotion to the Championship? Also, which four teams do you feel may slip into the basement division of English football?
  4. Likewise with our Premier League discussion here. Which team do you feel will claim the Championship title? Also, with two teams do you feel will join them? With regards to the teams tipped to revert into League One, which would you name as the front runners for relegation this season? Join in and have your say!
  5. So, as discussed in our first ever edition of the Football Manics magazine - who do you feel will win the 2016-17 Premier League title? likewise, which three teams do you feel are doomed for relegation. It will be an interesting season to see what really does happen and if the hype is worthwhile. Join in and discuss this folks.
  6. From its humble beginnings in which just four teams took part, the European Championships have expanded to become arguably the second biggest tournament in world football behind the World Cup. Football Manics has selected its stars whose names are forever synonymous with the Henri Delaunay trophy and whose teams will remain engraved in Euro history forever. Have you say by voting for one of our six selected European Championship legends! Read up about the players in this exclusive article - Here.

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