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  • At Football Manics there is plenty of activity that goes on behind the scenes to create the website and the content that you see and read every day. We are eager for people who are looking to get a foot on the ladder of their chosen career to come on board and help us out with a number of roles, which will help you gain invaluable experience for your CV.

    The roles that we are currently looking to fill, on a voluntary basis, are as follows:

    Managers (Global Moderators)

    Global moderators are responsible for applying the forum rules and removing posts if needed. GMods should be able to handle and solve situations involving troublesome users with speed. They must also be active on these forums and must follow all the rules for the forum, and should have good Internet access so they can solve problems users have as swiftly as possible.

    Graphic Designers

    Graphic designers are responsible for creating graphics related to the world of football which we subsequently publish on the website, on social media and in print. We are after people who possess creative flair, versatility, conceptual/visual ability and originality in the field of graphic design, the ability to interact, communicate and present ideas, and is up to date with industry leading software and technologies (In Design, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc).

    Live Data Handlers

    Live data handlers are responsible for sourcing various forms of data from football matches and manually inserting said data into our system. They monitor live games and add or change data accordingly, for example when a match has kicked off or the whistle has blown for half time or full time, when goals are scored, and when and to whom yellow or red cards are shown.


    At Football Manics we are eager for writers to come on board and contribute articles to the website. From news reporters and club specialists to feature writers and match reporters, if you have a passion for football and a knack for writing, visit our Write for Us page and find out more.

    Community & Site Leaders (Staff In Training)

    Community and site leaders are responsible for generating ideas, promoting content on the forum and wider Football Manics community, and generating discussions. They will be the creative brains behind short-term and long-term concepts for Football Manics, from being on the lookout for news stories to cover and develop to formulating ideas and even campaigns for big occasions like international tournaments.

    To apply, simply PM CJ or Joe Jones - you can also apply via email ‘webmaster@footballmanics.co.uk’ with your name, age, position you would like to apply for, your previous experience and a short description as to why you would like to join Football Manics as a team member.

    Please note: These roles are voluntary.

    Additionally, you may use the contact form to enquire about team positions - also, if you would like to write for us - please refer to this page.

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Football Manics is an independent football fan site that aims to provide a platform for every football lover and supporter to discuss anything and everything about the beautiful game, regardless of which team they support.

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