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    Why David Silva is the best Spanish player the Premier League has ever seen

    League sponsors, television deals, football kits and managers. All these have changed over the last nine years in the Premier League with one constant remaining: David Silva being the best Spanish import English football has ever seen.

    In the following paragraphs, I am going to give my opinion on why Silva is worthy of this title.

    Signing from Valencia in July 2010 for £26 million, the attacking midfielder known as ‘El Mago’ joined Manchester City stating that he wanted to bring success and trophies to the Cityzens. Mirroring his playing style, Silva managed to assist City in bringing trophies to the Etihad Stadium, winning the club’s first league title since 1968 in the 2011/2012 season thanks to the world famous Aguero goal in the dying seconds of the last game of the season. Going on to lift the league title again in 2014 and 2018 David Silva was instrumental in another moment in Manchester City’s history adding more silverware to his collection. Only winning player of the month once so far in September 2011, this also represents how underrated the World Cup winner is. 

    Being compared to fine wine by fellow Spanish national and current City manager Pep Guardiola, the attacking playmaker is getting better as the years roll one. Relating his performances in the Premier League to his statistics, Silva boasts 54 goals and 81 assists to date after appearing 275 times in the division. In total, he has contributed to 135 goals since arriving in England, which is an impressive feat from a midfielder, who has to track back and defend more in Pep’s playing style since arriving in 2016.

    Being the best Spanish player in Premier League history is not easy task for City’s magician with 133 Spanish players gracing the league since it formed. The best being considered alongside Silva are the likes of: Fernando Torres firing for Liverpool and Chelsea in his peak, Xabi Alonso being irreplaceable in 2005 when Liverpool won the Champions League, and Cesc Fàbregas’ involvement in a winning Arsenal and Chelsea side not going unnoticed.

    Contribution to goals is vital for developing and playing in a team that desires and craves a winning mentality and philosophy. Standing at 135 goals and assists so far with two more years on his contract will allow Silva to strive for a round 200 which would establish him as the best Spanish player in Premier League history as well as one of the best creative midfielders the league has ever seen in my opinion.


    Fernando Torres ended his Premier League career on 85 goals and 29 assists after playing for Liverpool and Chelsea, winning the Champions League, FA Cup and Europa League all with the latter club. With a total of 114 goals contributed to, Torres was once considered the best Forward in the Premier League during 2011. Tailing off towards the end of his Chelsea career, as a striker I believe Torres although having a clear eye for goal, does not come close to knocking Silva of the top spot due to Silva contributing more to the game from a position further down the pitch.

    Xabi Alonso made 143 appearances in the league, scoring 14 goals and assisting 17 during this time. Like Torres, Alonso never lifted the league trophy, an achievement he has often said he had achieved during his career at Liverpool. Alonso’s creativity from box-to-box allowed beautiful spraying passing to open up opposition defences and to control the midfield, but what tips Silva over the mark for me is the recognition of lifting the League trophy not once but three times in his career so far in England while being a prominent name in the City line-up.

    Following the trend of Spanish maestro’s in England, Cesc Fàbregas became a fan favourite during his time at Arsenal with his array of passing and sensational goals. Second of the all-time list for league assists behind Ryan Giggs’ record of 162, Cesc Fàbregas tallied 111 during his time at two London based clubs, captaining Arsenal and Chelsea retrospectively. With 50 goals also attached to Fàbregas’ record in the league, an impact of 161 goal contributions puts him second on the list in my opinion.

    So why does Silva tip Fàbregas to the best Spanish player in the history of the Premier League?
    David Silva is 26 contributed goals of being the best performing Spaniard in the league’s history, and with two years left on his current contract, he is sure to break this record. His incredible feat of numbers is unmatchable when compared to his appearance rate of 275 games played in the league, 69 appearances fewer than Cesc Fàbregas. The impact he creates at City to help win games and trophies while improving his scoring rate each year while aged 33 is testament to how vital he is to the Manchester City team and their quest to continue winning titles and helping to improve the players around him is why I believe David Silva is the best Spanish player in Premier League history.

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