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    Scott Dee: Boring Manchester City the football equivalent of Rafael Nadal

    I have come to the conclusion that Manchester City are boring.

    Shock statement, I know. They're miles ahead in the Premier League title race and look good value for progression in the Champions League, as well as being favourites in the EFL Cup - we won't mention the FA Cup though.

    It's the way they play. They are the football equivalent of Rafael Nadal. Kick the ball around just out of reach of the other team to make them chase it and tire them out.

    Watching Nadal play tennis, he'd hit the ball to the opposite side of the court as the opposing player, just to make him run really. Always playing the percentage ball.

    I am not denying its effectiveness but as a spectator sport I just find it dire. How many goals have City scored from cutbacks from the byline? One a game at least, I'd say.

    But they've come unstuck at times - and let's not look at the Wigan game, since that was more a case of City making mistakes than the opposition's quality.

    Liverpool, who remain the only team to beat them in the league this season, are good at pressing and playing with high energy and that worked for them.

    But other teams can't play like that because they don't have the quality or athleticism. They will sit deep and not be drawn into trying to close everyone down and conserve energy and only make the tackles they need to.

    That will work for some teams but doesn't really offer any attack strategy. You need an effective counterattack.

    Sitting deep and not being drawn into trying to chase the ball too much still requires concentration and organisation, which can't be maintained indefinitely.

    Arguably any team that can pass pretty well that can avoid losing it just after they win possession because City try to win it back quickly. They can play City at their own game then.

    Or you could set people to follow their main players and restrict their impact on the game.

    Let's cast our eyes back to last April, when Manchester United beat Chelsea, and Ander Herrera famously marked Eden Hazard out of the game - that could be done with Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva.

    I think Silva is the one who pulls the strings mostly though and not allowing him to receive the ball has been effective in the past. He's also prone to rash lunges to win back the ball which could be used to the opposition's advantage.

    Man City have won plenty of plaudits this season but as the defeats to Shakhtar Donetsk, Liverpool and Wigan have proved, they're not invincible and can be sussed out, which I can see more teams doing in future. Then it remains to be seen how Pep Guardiola can adapt accordingly.

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    I will not judge the football part of this article as I am no expert on this subject even though I love the game. But the writer of this article should most certainly avoid making comparisons with tennis as he just shows his poor knowledge of the game. He said about Nadal "he'd hit the ball to the opposite side of the court as the opposing player, just to make him run really"... this sounds as if he was hitting the ball with his little son that he has not got. It appears the journalist has never checked the amount of the top spin Nadal puts on the ball. Mr SD should hit the tennis court and try replicating this aspect of Nadal's game and then come back talking about him playing a percentage game. Also, what Mr. SD finds dire is his personal preference, not a fact, so I suggest he should stay away from making such unfortunate comparisons as he indeed makes a very poor case of his argument.

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