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    Peter Phillips: Virgil van Dijk will reach new heights at Liverpool but Philippe Coutinho departure was contemptible

    I don’t think there has been a time where a player is so heavily linked throughout the course of a transfer window like Virgil van Dijk was to Liverpool.

    He, alongside Naby Keita, were in the press the most and myself, I personally am delighted that we have now signed the big Dutchman.

    Van Dijk is not going to fix all the problems at once but he will certainly go a long way in the process of doing so.

    Liverpool being able to secure this signing was the real statement and one which will surely strengthen Liverpool’s title chances for the upcoming seasons.

    Van Dijk was a regular in the Saints backline until he was hit by injury which hampered his season.

    As the player is 26 this means that he is at the right age where he can improve and he has the invaluable experience of playing in the Premier League to offer and still has a number of years at top flight level.

    Van Dijk is a Dutch defender who is 6’4” in height and as he possesses great strength and stature he will be an asset to Liverpool in both boxes. He is very comfortable with the ball at his feet and does have a great eye for a pass even if he is playing centre back.

    His performances have been pretty good since he came and once he has a settled partner you will see his game taken on once again to the next level under Jurgen Klopp.

    Moving on to Philippe Coutinho, my initial feeling when he left was that Liverpool are losing one of the few world class players they have in the squad.

    It is with great sadness that he has chosen to depart Anfield but it is in the manner of which he chose to leave which was nothing short of disrespectful and the reason that many Liverpool fans now see him as just another player who has used the club for his own personal benefit.

    When Coutinho left Inter to join Liverpool we basically rescued his career and turned him into what he is today. Was Barcelona interested when he left Italy or when he was playing close by on loan at Espanyol? The answer is no the was not.

    He has treated the club with utter contempt and feigned injury to get his move and what I will say is things that go around come back around so hopefully Karma will come back and bite him on his backside at some point in the future.

    This current Liverpool squad has the capability to cope with his departure and I fully agree with the manager selling him now. People say but you don't sell your best players in January but why would you want an unhappy player sulking around with little interest in playing for you?

    He has showed his true colours and unless your 100% pulling in the same direction ass the rest of the squad then Jurgen will show you the door and rightly so.

    On a replacement, obviously Klopp wants Thomas Lemar and that is fine but I also would like to see a like for like player brought in such as Ever Banega, Mateo Kovacic or Adrian Rabiot brought in for their creativity and vision to replace what we are losing.

    The dream signing would be Marco Verratti from PSG but I don't expect that to be happening in the near future.

    I trust Jurgen to spend the money wisely and as shown previously he will wait if necessary to get his targets on board. In the mean time I suggest we all get behind the team and fully support the lads that want to be at the club with the best support possible.

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