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    Peter Phillips: 'Too many football pundits have no clue what they're talking about'

    Once again we have a summer transfer window to enjoy, but one thing that sticks out to me like a sore head... pundits!!!

    The people who are paid to give their views on players that have or a potentially moving to a new club... some of their views, in my opinion, belong in a place where people wear white coats and doors are locked behind you everywhere you go.

    One of these, to name but a few, Phil Neville - a man who thinks Liverpool should sell Philippe Coutinho and replace him with Diego Costa.

    I nearly spat my glass of water over the table, sat back and thought: "This is it, this really is bordering on the most ridiculous statement ever by a pundit that is transfer-related."

    Firstly Costa would not be interested in moving to Liverpool, secondly Chelsea wouldn't sell him to Liverpool, thirdly Liverpool aren't interested in Costa and fourthly they have repeatedly said Coutinho isn't for sale.

    I think the likes of him should be engaging their brains a bit more and thinking before they come out with these things.

    Other pundits like Tony Cottee, Paul Merson and Steve Cotterill (yes this man) seem to think they know what's going on behind the scenes at Anfield and know better than a 125-year-old football club.

    Sky Sports, BT Sport and the likes should listen to a more authentic source like real fans who go to games and not these people put on a pedestal to peddle their own views and agendas without really knowing the facts behind the stories they are being asked to comment on.

    Players will come and go from all clubs and as we have seen the media frenzy that follows after every transfer rumour - it is getting nothing short of soap opera-like and the important things, like teams playing for points, leagues and progressing in cup competitions, need to be given the coverage by pundits instead of how many transfer rumours we can fit into one day.

    Two people, Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville, to their credit are the only two sensible pundits and who I'd give my time to actually listen to.

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