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    Kyle Bainbridge: Will England succeed in their 2030 World Cup bid?

    The FA have stated that they will be considering a bid to host the 2030 World Cup.

    They have previously failed in their attempts to host the World Cup in both 2006 to Germany and in 2018 to Russia.

    England, known as the home of football, have only ever hosted One World Cup back in 1966, which they were victorious to win their one and only World Cup to date. They also hosted Euro 96, in which they were semi-finalists.

    There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to the bidding process of hosting the World Cup and many would agree that England tick majority of them boxes and are perfect candidates to host major international tournaments.

    There has been no shortage of controversy when it comes to the voting system in FIFA when it comes to bidding on the World Cup. Qatar won the rights to host the 2022 World Cup, which Sepp Blatter stepped down from FIFA with reports of bribes, corruption and scandals allowing Qatar to host the World Cup.

    Many fans have expressed disbelief in this being the location for the next World Cup. With temperatures soaring in the summer, it has forced the tournament to become the first Winter World Cup lasting just 28 days, shortest since 1978, causing much disruption to many European leagues.

    Just like Brazil in 2014, there have been reports of deaths of construction workers building these stadiums in time ready for the World Cup. Other host nations have been plausible due to the fact they have stadiums ready for the tournament with a few alterations but Qatar will have to build a whole new city to host the final.

    Unlike Qatar, England have all the preparations ready from stadiums right the way down to travel. The obvious choice would be to host the final at Wembley Stadium, with a capacity of 90,000, the national stadium of English football hosts a whole range of games from The FA Cup Final to The EFL Play-Off finals. It is also used by England to play in both World Cup & Euro qualifiers. 

    It would even be possible to host games at different stadiums and not re-use the same stadiums, which was the case in Russia a stadium hosting more then one game. Compared to many other countries, the travel wouldn't be trouble for the teams with stadiums and cities in close distance from each other. There would be no need for long distance travelling as you could host Groups A & B in London with enough stadiums to cover all 12 games. Other group games could be hosted up and down the country, with most regions boasting extensive football pedigree. All locations, teams and stadiums capable of supporting and hosting games.

    Tournaments over the years have been hosted in major stadiums known for their teams playing at the top level of their respective leagues. But with England their are teams outside the top-flight who are more than capable of hosting World Cup games. Leeds United and Aston Villa, both in the EFL Championship, have hosted England games in the past. There are even teams in Leagues One and Two with the capacity and facilities able to cope with the demands of these games. This could benefit the EFL & english football greatly.

    For a Nation branded as 'Home of Football' they have been overlooked for tournaments in favor of Nations with lesser capabilities to host a tournament of this stature. With the rotational system in place for FIFA to choose a different host nation from each continent, when it comes round for Europe maybe England should be first choice. From preparations to organisation, it would not take much doing for England to host the World Cup. Everything seems to be ready, it's just the case of will England host the World Cup again?

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