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    Joe Jones
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    Joe Jones: The Manchester United fan who goaded Jamie Carragher should be vilified just as much as the former Liverpool man

    Now, first of all I need to make one point clear - I am not a Liverpool fan. I am not an "anyone but Man U" person. I am a neutral.

    Am I the only person who, despite being disgusted at his actions, feels sorry for Jamie Carragher and also feels genuine disdain for the idiot who goaded him just to get a reaction - while risking his family's safety by using a phone at the wheel - and then plastered the ill-obtained video all over the internet like he was the victim?

    So Carra left his place of work on Saturday and was verbally assaulted numerous times by a moronic Manchester United "fan", who as well as appearing a rather distasteful individual, was also more than happy to put his family at risk (I can't stress this point enough - that kind of behaviour costs and destroys lives) by using his phone while driving for the sake of recording a "bantz" video.

    I believe Carragher when he said he was goaded multiple times, because as much as certain people, particularly in the virtual reality of the internet, like to hold themselves and others to standards of patience that not even Mother Teresa could achieve, everyone has a breaking point.

    And for Carragher to spit from his car window - and consider he's been a top level footballer for years and years so probably knows more than anyone how best to channel pressure and stress in the face of opponents - he must have reached the end of his tether.

    Now, I don't condone the action. Spitting at another person is a horrible act and I didn't like seeing him lower himself to the level of an animal by lashing out via that action. And it's particularly horrible that a teenage girl was caught in the crossfire between these two man-children.

    That said, the way the press reported it, you would think Carragher had deliberately set out to spit at the girl. Not that the "man" was happy enough to goad Carragher despite his daughter being sat in the passenger seat, effectively a human shield.

    No sensible grown man, particularly one with children of his own as Carragher, would spit at a youngster purposefully. It's obvious. He said in an interview that she was leant back in her chair and didn't see her, which makes sense, albeit the whole incident still resulted in her being hit. And the fact that she was telling her dad not to be an idiot speaks volumes about his behaviour as much as Carra's.

    Now, Carra should have been wiser not to lower the window and not to lash out, but hindsight's a wonderful thing, shoulda woulda coulda and all that. He's shown genuine remorse, taking it upon himself to apologise and explain his actions (though he couldn't really - he admitted that he had lost his rag, and fair play to him for being man enough to admit it).

    Incidentally, on the same weekend that Carra got poked and prodded and then castigated for lashing out, another report emerged claiming that Scott Sinclair of Celtic was verbally assaulted by three men at Glasgow Airport while (much like Carragher) minding his own business in the BA lounge.

    This story barely made any headlines because Sinclair presumably didn't react, but funny how the three men weren't even named and certainly not shamed - nothing for these little people to lose, but everything for the media figures to lose.

    The oaf who prodded the hornet's nest and got stung will face no repercussions, while Carra's reputation has taken a battering much bigger than it should have (and given how nasty his action was, it deserved a pretty big battering).

    And we wonder why so many celebrities are standoffish when it comes to the general public.

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