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    Joe Jones: Is Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs the right choice for Wales manager?

    Following Chris Coleman's departure as Wales manager, the nation's football fans were understandably sad but comprehensive of his decision to seek pastures new (and more dosh, perhaps).

    Then all thoughts turned to who should replace Coleman as manager, and a number of candidates were touted. Craig Bellamy, Osian Roberts, Tony Pulis, Mark Bowen and Nathan Jones were just a few.

    Of course, in terms of footballing CV and star value, there was just one name on the list - Ryan Giggs, one of the most trophy-laden players in English football history.

    But Manchester United Giggs and Wales Giggs are two different beasts. Whilst United Giggs gave his all for his club, Wales Giggs was seen as blase and uncommitted to his nation.

    Some number-crunching from BBC Sport showed that, out of Giggs's 64 Dragons caps, just 10 came in friendlies, the player missing another 30 and failing to make a single appearance in a friendly match from 1991 to 2000.

    And of course, there were questions regarding certain aspects of his private life, which have left a sizeable amount of Wales fans objecting to his appointment on moral grounds.

    As a result, the #anyonebutgiggs hashtag began trending back in December, but to no avail, because the Football Association of Wales opted for Giggs as manager anyway. Cue a huge backlash regarding his experience, his commitment to Wales, his Welshness and his character.

    If we're looking at experience, Giggs - with his caretaker tenure at Manchester United - is just one of many Wales managers who have taken the job as novices or with little experience.

    Indeed, we can go back to the 1970s, when Mike Smith's first managerial job was the Wales national team in 1974. Likewise with Mike England in 1979. Then Mark Hughes in 1999.

    The Dragons have also appointed managers who may have had just one managerial job beforehand.  Terry Yorath had managed Swansea City for just a few years before becoming Wales boss in 1988. Gary Speed was at Sheffield United for a matter of months.

    In fact, Chris Coleman is one of the more experienced managers to have been given the job, with four years at Fulham and stints at Real Sociedad, Coventry City and AEL - but his appointment wasn't particularly well-received either, given how his stock had fallen following the latter three jobs.

    So if we're looking at experience, then Giggs shouldn't be discounted for his lack thereof - having a young manager who can grow and develop alongside the team seems to have worked with Coleman.

    Now, the point about Giggs's commitment to the team.

    BBC Sport quoted Clayton Blackmore as saying the following: "I need to put something to rest that everybody is going on about, 'he didn't turn up for friendlies'. He didn't have much choice with that.

    "I was there when Sir Alex told me and Mark Hughes 'yous two can go, but Ryan's not going' because he's got to look after him. He was a young lad and in friendlies you never use him. We were happy with that. We needed him for the big tournament games.

    "I'm disappointed that we're even arguing about Ryan Giggs, whether fans want him or not. Because the simple fact is he's a man that loves Welsh football.

    "Of course there's a stigma against him saying he didn't turn up for friendlies, but if I had been a former player in a dressing room and Ryan Giggs hadn't turned up for friendlies, it wouldn't bother me one bit. He's turned up for the most important games."

    Then there is the issue about his Welshness, but as everybody knows, his captaincy of England at Under-15s level was because he went to school there, having left the Pentrebane area of Cardiff for Manchester at age five as his father moved to play for rugby league side Widnes.

    The final gripe seems to be about his personal life, and yes, I disapprove of what the various things he's done which have seen him in the front pages of the papers.

    The reality, however, is that many people in the footballing world have done things which, though not illegal, are definitely immoral, but if they don't infringe on any aspect of their footballing career, then can people - many of whom will also have "sinned" - really take the moral high ground? And if Giggs goes on to have success, will it all be conveniently glossed over?

    True, the role of Wales manager is that of role model. But I trust that the majority of up-and-coming Welsh youngsters will see him as one of the greatest British players of all time and a legend of the game, a star quality which will spur them on, rather than just have it in the back of their mind that he's an adulterer.

    In a nutshell, the main things that Ryan Giggs should be judged on are his managerial exploits. Wales have struck gold with several managers in the past, so I trust the new man at the helm should be given a chance to impress.

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