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    CJ: Riyad Mahrez is being disrespectful to Leicester City despite the club making him a household name

    It’s been a crazy January transfer window, deadline day threw up a lot of genuine surprises – however, some deals always seemed unlikely.

    The price of players continues to be insane but upon reflection some of the deals could have been a lot worse.

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang could have gone for a fee much higher than £60m, yet since he was a star player for Borussia Dortmund I can understand the fee.

    This said, I felt the Riyad Mahrez alleged deal to Manchester City seemed crazy and bound not to happen.

    I mean, he’s never worth £60m and a player also in exchange just seems very greedy – he’s not Alexis Sanchez.

    In the past I have written about how the Leicester City board shot themselves in the foot and I feel the clubs just very desperate to retain Mahrez’s services.

    It’s quite clear that he wants to leave the club, so I feel if they’re to continue to improve, they should find a way to get the most cash in return but at a price likely for it to happen.

    Since Leicester City won the Premier League, several players have become greedy and almost blinded by the success – or what actually aided them on their fairy tale season.

    Foxes boss Claude Puel has spoken about ‘controlling’ Mahrez’s emotions, which is never a successful thing to do in football – especially when a player seems hell bent on leaving a club where he’s experienced success.

    "For some days it will be tough but it's important he stays with us and I hope he can come back with all his quality and the fantastic player he is" Puel also added in a recent interview for the BBC.

    This type of statement is natural in this circumstance whereby a player wants to build on their success and continue adding trophies and awards to their career.

    Insisting that the club can put a ‘smile’ back on the player's face is nice, especially from a fan point of view, but usually unhappiness causes disruption to form and I personally feel the large increase in the Leicester players after winning the Premier League should have been enough.

    When a player's quality dips, so does their stock and the £60m price tag just seems very awkward as no club would take the gamble on an unsettled player – unless the quality was assured as such as the players in good form.

    Mahrez continues to shoot himself in the foot and, personally, I feel he’s very disrespectful towards a club that has made him a household name.

    He may have contributed to 24 goals via assists, along with 35 goals in 127 Premier League appearances but his attitude doesn’t come across as very professional – I mean instantly after winning the Premier League he wanted out.

    The Foxes offered many of their title winning stars new deals, which quietened down the transfer speculation but here we are again.

    I would hope for Leicester fans that Mahrez focuses more his job and, ability that he brings to their squad – whilst earning any future move but certainly not at the cost to a club whereby they gave him success.

    He needs to focus on being more than a one-hit wonder, plus playing well successfully through a period of season would only naturally help in navigating a move away from Leicester – but I feel he’s part of the downward fall of fortunes and as a football natural I am not impressed.

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