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    Should the League Cup be scrapped?

    The talk of Fixture Congestion in English football, most notably in the Premier League, has led to discussions about how the issue could resolve. This has seen the Winter Break come in to play for the first time this season as it’s been used for many seasons in other European leagues. It has also been spoken about that FA Cup Replays should be scrapped as well as the League Cup competition all together.

    But now, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin has had his say by claiming it would be better for everyone if the English FA scrapped the League Cup. France have already agreed to scrapping their League Cup as from next season which might put pressure on England to follow suit.

    The whole point behind scrapping the League Cup is too “Help reduce fixtures and prevent congestion”. But, look at the bigger picture which is the fact that UEFA want to expand the Champions League. When you consider this proposal of an expanded Champions League and scrapping of the League Cup, it only benefits the bigger clubs in England. There is already a huge divide within English Football between the Premier League and the EFL so this would just add to the division.

    UEFA are also looking at the option of having a summer competition. Some of those teams in talks with joining the tournament, are the same teams who are the ones that believe the footballing calendar is already congested. But, rather than reject the proposal of a expanded Champions League or a Summer European club competition, the Premier League and “Elite” teams in the Premier League would rather see competitions like the League Cup scrapped. Money talks in football and that can surely be the only factor driving this.

    Rather than scrapping the League Cup, just have those who are participating in European competitions exempt from the League Cup. That way, the tournament will have back that competitive edge it so desperately needs after years of negativity resulting in the tournament being referred to as the Mickey Mouse Cup. Competiveness would definitely be brought back by this because of the end result that the winner would have European Football the following season which in more ways than one would be beneficial to many teams lower down. It would also mean that the competition is guaranteed a new winner every season due to entry to European competitions.

    In cases like these with UEFA looking to interfere with the English game and thinking of new competitions as well as expanding an already existing tournament in the Champions League, are we growing ever closer to the possibility of a European Super League?

    The “Big Dogs” that play European football are the only ones being considered by this. Those teams lower down are losing out because of the actions from those higher up which are pandering to the “Elite”.

    There is a way of adapting to scenarios without completely ridding of a competition. Whether it’s received negativity or not, the fact remains that the League Cup is still part of English Football Tradition.

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