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  • Alphonse Areola in pole position to be Paris Saint-Germain No 1 keeper


    Paris Saint-Germain head coach Thomas Tuchel has revealed that he told Alphonse Areola he is in "pole position" to be his No 1 goalkeeper over Gianluigi Buffon.

    The French champions signed Buffon in July on a free transfer after the Italy legend ended his 17-year spell with Juventus at the end of last season.

    Buffon started the first three games of the season but academy product Areola has since taken his place in the subsequent three matches.

    "Yes, I chose. The decision is not final but I told Alphonse that he was in my opinion in pole position to be number one," Tuchel told RMC Sport.

    "He comes from the training centre. PSG, that's all for him, and he absolutely wants to prove himself to PSG. PSG is everything to him.

    "This is a situation that must be respected and on which we have to capitalise. We must be proud to have players of this nature, we need this type of players who have the soul of PSG, who embody the club."

    "We have a different situation with Gianluigi Buffon, a legend, an idol of Alphonse who is at his side. The two players have very strong personalities.

    "I'm sure Alphonse will not be good despite Gigi but thanks to Gigi. Gigi is not just a player on the bench, he's a player with a huge influence on the team every day."

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