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Favourite 'legends' you have watched

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This can count either at live games or televised games.

Growing up I loved watching Premier League football, for me my Saturday's and Sunday's wasn't complete without watching the available games - especially when the FA Cup was on because it gave me a chance to see clubs outside of the top flight.

Players such as Ryan Giggs, Dennis Bergkamp, Paul Merson, Ryan Parlour, Tony Adams, Eric Cantona, David Ginola, Roberto Di Matteo etc.

In fact when I think about those players, I often recall FA Cup encounters - which then remind me of players like Dennis Wise.

Someone who was vastly underrated in my opinion but a player nevertheless than could change or influence a game beyond just the actual performance that he gave. I don't really have just one legend that I enjoyed watching, I would throw all the names I mentioned - perhaps even more.

What about you?

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Zidane, Ronaldinho and R9 mostly.

I started watching football when I was a kid, around 2nd grade, maybe even before. I used to love RM and just the La Liga in general. I used to watch a ton of La Liga and Real Madrid games, and I remember watching Zizou dominate that CAM position along with Raul, R9 and Roberto Carlos. I also watched Barca a bunch, used to love Deco, Puyol, Xavi in his prime and just all the players. I started watching the Arsenal a few years ago, so I missed out on watching the likes of Pires, Henry, Bergkamp, Seaman, Ljungberg etc, but with the help of YT, I managed to watch them all play in such an amazing way. 

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Does Michael Owne count?


i saw him play at the old wembley for england. I beleive he could have been world class but injuries prevented him from becoming the megastar he was capable of.

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I'm gonna reel off a list a players maybe not legends but very very very skilled players I have seen in play live: Sergio Aguero, David Silva, Yaya Toure, Eden Hazard, Harry Kane, Christian Erikson, Dele Alli, Kasper Schmeichel, Kevin De Bruyne, Defoe..

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