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2019 could be a much bigger year for Football Manics

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It hasn’t been an easy 15 months for myself, however, I really don’t want to go there so early into my first blog – I do want to express how I feel I have let down what was becoming a fantastic team for Football Manics.

The departure of Joe massive, we both made a very creative team and my drive hasn’t quite been the same.

As a project, I am very passionate about football. I grew up literally playing in my parents garden every single day. From a very young age, all I wanted to be when I grew up was to be a footballer – however, I suffered a severe injury at the age of 16-years-old and my right knee hasn’t been the same since.

I don’t want this blog to come across as a sob story, I just want to give readers a glimpse into who runs and manages the site.

So who am I? My names Christopher, I’m 31-years-old and I am a big fan of Notts County Football Club.

I started Football Manics many moons ago, although it was only the last season and a half whereby Joe plus myself revamped everything. The site grew very well, as did social media and it my expectations.

I have always enjoyed talking tactics, having my say about football matters and to say I enjoy the beautiful game – isn’t enough to give it justice.

There’s very few things aside from my family that I am obsessed about, so you could easily call me a Football Manic.

2018-19 was the season I promised myself I would make FM even better, however this fell short due to experiencing several dislocations and learning that I suffer from a condition called . I basically can do several cool appearing party tricks, yet the thing which isn’t visible is the amount of pain I am in – I’ve always hidden my struggles to the best of my ability.

I thought 2019 would have been much better, however, despite it being a very good year. My mother’s health and other things have kept me busy.

Notts County fans chanting to their opposition.

It’s certainly not easier being a Notts County fan, with my team glued to the bottom of League Two and looking destined to fall outside of the Football League in the first time in their history. I love Notts, my grandfather took me at an early age and there’s been no looking back.

I could have supported Derby County, my father was born there and grew up in a small town called Alfreton.

His uncle would take my father down to Derby games, so much like my grandfather football’s always been in my family’s blood.

Anyway, that’s enough about me. I’m really not all that special and I don’t pretend to be either.

I have always felt there’s been room for an independent site, such as Football Manics, the vision may change but the hopes and dreams don’t.

I want to get this project back on the right path, so there’s a lot that will happen. I hope to re-build the team we have and re-connect with those I haven’t spoken to for some time. I just tend to get busy and with various things, it’s not easy but that’s life.

I’m very keen to pull in fans, people who can see the vision. I have roped many friends and family members in the past to help out – however, I really would encourage readers of this blog to reach out.

Fan related content is very important, I want people who feel they have a fair perspective of what’s happening and I want us to tell the world our thoughts.
I know with the right people behind the site, it will only continue to take massive leaps.

It’s just difficult when you're one person doing the best that you can, and on top of this I also run one of the UK’s best Fan Sites even if I do say so myself.

I’m determined to my best, I believe every fan has a talent of some form and I hope to highlight how we are all creative.

Also, I want people who help the site to grow to feel that Football Manics is also theirs. I have run several sites, most of which are modest but my first community does have a very large following – this is ran by a friend these days as I have very little involvement due to my interests changing.

I aim to get back to writing more, I miss expressing thoughts and I would say stay tuned. Keep your eyes out! Also, if you read this, please do drop a message saying hello – you can find me on Twitter at @FMCJ10

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