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    There is a popular saying which stresses that the only certainties in the world are death and taxes. In truth, there should be an addition to that small list - football's standing as the global game.

    Nobody can doubt that football is the biggest sport in the world. Played by hundreds of millions across the planet and followed by billions, few forms of entertainment are as globally widespread as the Beautiful Game.

    At Football Manics, we seek to provide a hub for people all across the world to get their football fix, whether it be individuals wanting to chat with other like-minded people, finding out the latest news and results, or take a more detailed look into the world of the game.

    Since its establishment in March 2016, Football Manics has grown exceptionally quickly, with more than 18,000 fans across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, a reach of over 300,000 and a site that is viewed more than 17,000 with unique impressions per month.

    It is therefore a fantastic time to be associated with Football Manics, with some great opportunities for your business to make the most of our ever-growing reach and popularity.

    Sponsoring Football Manics:

    The Football Manics Sponsorship Package allows you to make the most of both the website and the social media pages, giving you a comprehensive reach among our followers and readers.

    This package consists of the following features:

     - A universal banner link promoting your company just above the site's footer (visible across the website)

    - Your company added to our partners page with details about the business, your logo and a clickable link to your website in addition to a 'find out more' link (if services warrant such page) to a dedicated page which talks about the company in further detail and provides contact/location information

    - Publishing an exclusive article on the FM  website about your company/services, along with video and potential interview for our site

    - Including you in our newsletters as a sponsor/partner

    - Two exclusive promotional adverts placed across our popular social media channels (we will also share news/offers for free from our own personal accounts, and may share additional information across PON)

    New Year Special Offer:

    As it is the New Year and a chance for everyone to start afresh whilst being mindful that the football season is halfway through, we have a special offer for you to take advantage of this month!

    You can become a Football Manics sponsor for the remainder of the 2017-18 through to the end of the 2018-19 Premier League season for just £300!

    But hurry - this offer is valid only until the end of January!

    Alternatively, you can sponsor Football Manics for the remainder of the 2017-18 Premier League season for just £150!

    So what are you waiting for? Join us on our journey and become Football Manics' latest signing!

    Contact us:

    To express your interest or find out more about our sponsorship opportunities, simply get in touch with Football Manics by sending an email to webmaster@footballmanics.com, or alternatively fill out the Contact Us form on http://footballmanics.com/contactus/ or drop us a message on one of our social media pages!

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Football Manics is an independent football fan site that aims to provide a platform for every football lover and supporter to discuss anything and everything about the beautiful game, regardless of which team they support.

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